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Aware of the Dragon and the Dragon-Slayer

The Bible openly depicts Satan and demons as powerful forces shaping everyday life and bringing about human suffering. We need to be aware that Jesus Christ is the “serpent-slayer” who came to crush the serpent’s head and rescue all those enslaved by the chains of death.

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Dragonslayer (Job Sermon 27)

"Christ is the dragonslayer. He was predicted in Genesis 3:15 as the one who had crushed the serpent's head, the serpent, Satan in disguise."


Holding Earthly Blessing Loosely

We should be deeply thankful to God for all our earthly blessings, recognizing that our wealth really belongs to God and should be used to build His Kingdom. As these can also be taken from us quickly, we should still praise God and remember that our true wealth is Christ and heaven.

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Job’s Costly Commitment to Mercy Ministry (Job Sermon 20)

"Christians should care about all human suffering, but especially eternal suffering. There is no suffering worse than that of eternity in hell."


A Better Hope

The problem of death stands over the whole human race as the ultimate thief. Job seemed to have significant doubts about life after the grave. In none of his assertions about death and the grave, is it certain that Job has a clear view of the resurrection. But because of Christ’s resurrection victory, we have a better hope and can suffer well.

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"Job was a better man than any of us will ever be, but we have a better hope than he ever had."