About Andy

Dr. Andrew M. Davis, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, is the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina and the founder of Two Journeys Ministry.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree from MIT, a Masters in Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is also a visiting professor of church history at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Counsel Member of The Gospel Coalition, and a trustee of the International Mission Board. 

In addition to his preaching and teaching, he is the author of An Approach to the Extended Memorization of Scripture, An Infinite Journey: Growing Toward Christlikeness, Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again, Christ Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in Isaiah and The Power of Christian Contentment: Finding Deeper, Richer Christ – Centered Joy.

After almost two decades of preaching, teaching, writing and leading a successful church revitalization, at the urging of the elders of First Baptist Church, Andy founded Two Journeys Ministry. Andy founded Two Journeys as a means of sharing Bible teaching beyond First Baptist Church with the church universal. It is Andy’s great passion and desire to see Christians “make progress” in the “two journeys” of the Christian life, the internal journey of sanctification and the external journey of gospel advancement. To that end, he serves as the lead writer and teacher for Two Journeys Ministry. For more information on the First Baptist Church of Durham, please visit www.fbcdurham.org.

For those interested in Andy's theology, he subscribes to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

To learn about how Andy came to know Christ, see this article published on The Gospel Coalition website.