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Learning from Job’s Friends

In this world of suffering, one of the greatest ministries we can have is to walk alongside those who are suffering, to speak words of comfort and wisdom, to pray with them, to let them know they’re not alone.

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God’s Infinite Majesty and His Loving Closeness (Job Sermon 14)
Ascribe Righteousness to Your Maker (Job Sermon 23)

"Our pride stands directly opposed to the salvation of our souls. As a matter of fact, probably the essence of our salvation is to have our pride leveled before the holiness of God so we realize who he is and who we are."


Imitating Job at His Best

We should imitate Job in his piety; blameless and upright, fearing God, shunning evil, living actively and energetically for others. We should also imitate him in his patience, his willingness to suffer without charging God with wrongdoing.

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The Testimony of a Blameless Man (Job Sermon 18)

"All roads, in scripture, lead to Christ alone, and Job knew it too, didn't he? Although he didn't fully understand all the elements of the Gospel that he knew he needed to repent before Almighty God and be forgiven of sins, and so that's where we're heading ultimately. Only Jesus is the perfect man."

Understanding the “Hedge of Protection”

Satan cannot make a move against us, our possessions, our loved ones, or our health without permission from God. When we are suffering, we should be mindful of Satan’s activity in bringing it about and the hedge of protection surrounding us every moment.

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Spiritual Warfare: Fighting Leviathan from Behind the Hedge (Job Sermon 28)

"You stand behind a hedge that is made of iron, really, it cannot ignite with Satan's accusations, because all of those accusations will be as nothing. God is saying, 'Who will bring any charge against my forgiven children?' So, in that way, Jesus is our dragonslayer."