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Current Series: Strengthening Your Marriage

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A Study of the End Times

A 10-part class series on the final events that will occur, both from a personal and a universal standpoint.


A 2-part class series on how to defend the Bible and the Christian faith.

Christ and Culture

A 5-part class series on Christians and their relationship to the world in light of our relationship with Christ.

Church History and Its Heroes

A compilation of classes on various important figures, movements, and time periods, and writings throughout church history.

Evangelism Training

A 10-part class series on the external journey of evangelism, its importance, the proper presentation of the gospel, and more.

Gender & Sexual Identity

A 6-part class series on the biblical foundations for gender and sexual identity and how to address specific cultural issues surrounding this topic.

Heavenly Memories

A 6-part class series on what we will remember in Heaven, what the Bible teaches about that, and how it gives us hope while we are still alive.

Heavenly Memories Q&A

A 9-part class series answering numerous questions about the topic of Heavenly memories.


A compilation of unrelated classes on a variety of topics pertinent to the Christian life.

Parenting: The Early Years

A 3-part class series on parenting young children, covering topics such as: bringing children to faith, the central mission of parenting in the early years, and more.

Politics and Faith

A 2-part series on the proper ways for Christians to be involved in politics, the impact of politics on our faith, and the theology behind human government.


A compilation of classes on the doctrine of prayer, why and how we should pray, and more.

Systematic Theology

A compilation of classes on the various topics in systematic theology, what the Bible teaches about them, heresy and heterodoxy, and more.

The Pilgrim's Progress

A compilation of classes on the Christian allegory “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” understanding the imagery therein, and the scriptural support for its theological claims.

The Study of Exodus

A 54-part class series on the book of Exodus, going through it chapter-by-chapter, and topically focusing on the ten commandments.