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How to Memorize Scripture for Life: From One Verse to Entire Books

About Andy

Hello, my name is Andy Davis. One of the central questions all of us face in life is what is the purpose of life, why am I alive? Every day and for the rest of our lives, every single human being has to answer that question. Without a reasonable answer to that question, we can end up feeling like it says in Ecclesiastes, life is “vanity of vanities,” empty, meaningless, without purpose, a chasing after wind (1:2). But for us as followers of Jesus Christ, we have heard from Him and from Scripture, a beautiful answer to the question of meaning and purpose. We exist for the glory of God. We exist to know Him and to delight in Him. We exist to find out what He's done in the past, what He's doing in the world in the present, what He will do in the future and to be a part of that. Some time ago, I came to realize one of the ways that I can understand how I can now glorify God in my everyday life and for the rest of my life is by two journeys. Making progress in the two journeys of the Christian life. What are the two journeys?

There's the internal journey of holiness, or sometimes it's called sanctification, making progress as an individual Christian toward Christ-likeness. Then there’s the external journey of gospel advance, of evangelism and missions, of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ both with near neighbors and distant nations, pouring into others. Now, I am completely convinced that the Word of God faithfully taught and preached is both necessary and sufficient to make progress in the two journeys, and so for my whole Christian life, I've been in love with and delighted in God's Word.

 After I finished my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at MIT, I then went on to other academic degrees, a Master of Divinity at Gordon Conwell, and a Ph.D. in church history at Southern Seminary (SBTS). I also memorized numerous whole books of the Bible. All of that study was to the end that I might understand the depths and the riches and the fullness of the Word of God and be able to teach it to God's people (Rom. 11:33). For almost 22 years, I've been senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Durham, NC. I've preached over a thousand expository sermons, and we have made these sermons, Bible studies, and other gospel-centered resources available to you on the Two Journeys website. I commend to you this website so you can drink in the accurate, careful teaching of the Word of God, and you can grow in grace in the knowledge of Christ and also be active in sharing your faith, and be active in missions to the end of your life for the glory of God.