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Rightly Appraising the Worth of Your Soul (Mark Sermon 40)

Feb 05, 2023
Andy Davis | Feb 05, 2023 | Idolatry, Exalting Christ, Two Ways to Live

Mark 8:36-37

Our salvation depends on valuing Christ and his Kingdom above the entire collection of goods and experiences in the world.

A Study in Soils, Part 2 (Mark Sermon 16)

May 15, 2022
Andy Davis | May 15, 2022 | Exalting Christ, The Power of Sin, Two Ways to Live

Mark 4:1-20

Pastor Andy Davis returns to the Parable of the Soils, Mark 4:1-20, to discuss further the one Jesus implied the most important of his parables.

Two Manner of People

Feb 13, 2005
Andy Davis | Feb 13, 2005 | Salvation by Promise, Two Ways to Live

Genesis 25:1-34

Pastor Andy Davis preaches an expository sermon on Genesis 25. Abraham, the father of many nations, had a lasting legacy of two sorts, the physical and the spiritual descendants. 

Exhausted For Nothing

May 25, 2021
Andy Davis | May 25, 2021 | Two Ways to Live

Habakkuk 2:13

Christian, are you busy building up God's Kingdom or a worldly empire that will inevitably fall?

1 Corinthians Episode 5: Courageous Stewards of the Gospel

Mar 08, 2023
Andy Davis | Mar 08, 2023 | Sanctification, Warnings, Two Ways to Live

1 Corinthians 4:1-21

Paul warns the prideful Corinthian congregation (and us) to stop desiring the world’s comforts and praise and to imitate him in suffering for the gospel.

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