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On Lawsuits: Better to be Wronged than to be a Bad Witness (1 Corinthians Sermon 19)

Feb 24, 2019
Andy Davis | Feb 24, 2019 | Brotherly Love, Money and Possessions, Gospel and Culture

1 Corinthians 6:1-11

Andy Davis preaches a verse by verse expository sermon on 1 Corinthians 6:1-11. The main subject of the sermon is how Christian should avoid strife amongst themselves as it brings public shame to the Church.

In Christ is Life, So Let’s Fight for Life

Feb 17, 2019
Andy Davis | Feb 17, 2019 | Gospel and Culture, Sanctity Of Human Life

John 1:1-5

Pastor Andy Davis preaches a verse-by-verse expository sermon on John 1:1-5. The main subject of the sermon is how Christ's giving of life compels us to preserve it.

Spiritual Beggars Satisfied: Jesus Teaches Us to Ask and Act (Matthew Sermon 21 of 151)

Jun 20, 1999
Andy Davis | Jun 20, 1999 | Prayer, Gospel and Culture

Matthew 7:7-12

Andy Davis preaches an expository sermon on Matthew 7:7-12. The main subject of the sermon is that in Christ, all those who spiritually thirst will be eternally satisfied.

Salt and Light: Christian Influence on Society (Matthew Sermon 10 of 151)

Mar 14, 1999
Andy Davis | Mar 14, 1999 | Fullness in Christ, Gospel and Culture

Matthew 5:13-16

Andy Davis preaches an expository sermon on Matthew 5:13-16. The main subject of the sermon is how Christians are to be godly influences in their societies to draw people to God.

Christ and Culture - Class 2: Worldview

Sep 11, 2022
Andy Davis | Sep 11, 2022 | Gospel and Culture

Christianity is truth about the totality of reality, not just religious truth.

Christ and Culture - Class 1: Different Culture Paradigms

Sep 04, 2022
Andy Davis | Sep 04, 2022 | Gospel and Culture

Andy surveys the different views on how the church should relate to culture. 

Apologetics: Biblical Warrant

Jan 24, 2021
Andy Davis | Jan 24, 2021 | External Journey, Gospel and Culture

Christ and Culture

Jul 05, 2022
Andy Davis | Jul 05, 2022 | Gospel and Culture

John 17:15-16

How should Christians think about culture?

Has the Salt Lost Its Saltiness?

Jan 05, 2021
Andy Davis | Jan 05, 2021 | Gospel and Culture

Matthew 5:13

What does it mean when Jesus says "you are the salt of the earth"? Learn about what it means to be a citizen of Heaven living in a fallen world.

2 Corinthians Episode 2: Restoration for a Repentant Sinner & the Aroma of Christ (2:5-17)

Sep 01, 2021
Andy Davis | Sep 01, 2021 | Gospel and Culture, Church Dysfunction, Forgiveness

2 Corinthians 2:5-17

Paul strongly urges the Corinthian church to reinstate the repentant sinner they had earlier disciplined, and he continues to defend the integrity of his gospel ministry.

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