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Radical Warfare Against Sin (Mark Sermon 46)

Mar 19, 2023
Andy Davis | Mar 19, 2023 | Christian Freedom, War Against the Flesh, Abiding in Christ

Mark 9:42-50

Christ is fiercely protective of all of his children from any that would harm them in any way.

The Humbling of the Twelve (Mark Sermon 45)

Mar 12, 2023
Andy Davis | Mar 12, 2023 | Life in the Spirit, Humility

Mark 9:33-41

Pastor Andy Davis preaches on Mark 9:33-41, a passage that exposes the pride of the disciples and Jesus’ powerful efforts to cure them of it.

Jesus Wields the Sharp Sword of Rebuke (Mark Sermon 44)

Mar 05, 2023
Andy Davis | Mar 05, 2023 | Faith, The Power of Sin, Exaltation of Christ, Demons

Mark 9:14-32

Pastor Andy Davis expounds on three themes woven together in Mark 9:14-32: the vicious demon, the various degrees of people's unbelief, and the glory of Christ.

The Prophesied Sufferings of Elijah and of Christ (Mark Sermon 43)

Feb 26, 2023
Andy Davis | Feb 26, 2023 | Deity of Christ, Prophecy, Atonement

Mark 9:9-13

Scripture, in its prophetic nature, reveals the sufferings of the messengers of the Kingdom of God and the centrality of the cross for salvation.

The Mount of Transfiguration: A Preview of Christ’s Glory (Mark Sermon 42)

Feb 19, 2023
Andy Davis | Feb 19, 2023 | Deity of Christ, Majesty of God

Mark 9:1-8

Jesus' transfiguration into heavenly glory on the mountain and his conversation with Moses and Elijah was spectacular display of His true divine nature.

Discovering Christ Class : Jesus’ Identity – The Son of God

Sep 03, 2023
Andy Davis | Sep 03, 2023 | Evangelism, Deity of Christ

Mark 1:1-16:19

The study introduces Jesus, establishing his identity as the Son of God and looking at his authority in many spheres of life.

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