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“This Very Night You Will All Fall Away” (Mark Sermon 79)

Feb 25, 2024
Andy Davis | Feb 25, 2024 | Sinful Nature, The Power of Sin, Grace

Mark 14:27-31

Scripture probes the people of God for the hidden recesses of the sinful heart. It also tells us the truth of the indomitable grace of God in Christ to save sinners like us.

The Many Dimensions of the Last Supper (Mark Sermon 78)

Feb 18, 2024
Andy Davis | Feb 18, 2024 | The Power of Sin, Sovereignty of God, Prophecy

Mark 14:12-26

God's sovereignty and authority over all things are displayed in His precise predictions as the disciples prepared for the Passover and Judas' imminent betrayal.

Preparation for the Cross (Mark Sermon 77)

Feb 11, 2024
Andy Davis | Feb 11, 2024 | Worship, Humiliation of Christ

Mark 14:1-11

Jesus’ death on the cross was the result of the meticulous plan and purpose of God, orchestrated in space and time.

The Gratitude of Jesus Christ

Aug 24, 2021
Andy Davis | Aug 24, 2021 | Glory of God

Mark 8:6-7

Do you have an attitude of gratitude like our Lord Jesus?

Discovering Christ Class : Jesus’ Identity – The Son of God

Sep 03, 2023
Andy Davis | Sep 03, 2023 | Evangelism, Deity of Christ

Mark 1:1-16:19

The study introduces Jesus, establishing his identity as the Son of God and looking at his authority in many spheres of life.

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