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Jesus Compassionately Cures a Leper (Mark Sermon 7)

Feb 20, 2022
Andy Davis | Feb 20, 2022 | Miracles

Mark 1:40-45

Jesus is moved by compassion and tenderly touches a leper who has been untouchable perhaps for years as a powerful picture of our own salvation.

The Healing Ministry of Christ Begins in Earnest (Mark Sermon 6)

Feb 13, 2022
Andy Davis | Feb 13, 2022 | Miracles, Jesus Christ

Mark 1:29-39

A look at the beginning of Jesus’ healing ministry, and how prayer and preaching fueled it.

The Authority of the Son of God (Mark Sermon 5)

Feb 06, 2022
Andy Davis | Feb 06, 2022 | Miracles, Deity of Christ, Demons

Mark 1:21-28

Jesus spoke at Capernaum, showing His authority through His words, judgment, and power. The right response is fear and amazement leading to faith.

Fishers of Men (Mark Sermon 4)

Jan 30, 2022
Andy Davis | Jan 30, 2022 | External Journey, Evangelism, Missions

Mark 1:17

Mark 1:17 is a message from the Holy Spirit to us to move us, provoke us, challenge us, equip us to become fishers of men - evangelizing the lost.

Christ Begins to Build His Kingdom (Mark Sermon 3)

Jan 23, 2022
Andy Davis | Jan 23, 2022 | The Kingdom of Christ

Mark 1:12-20

In Mark 1, we see Jesus begin to build his kingdom of light as he overcomes temptation, preaches the good news, and calls people to follow him.

The Father Declares His Delight in His Son (Mark Sermon 2)

Jan 09, 2022
Andy Davis | Jan 09, 2022 | Exalting Christ, The Doctrine of the Trinity, Supremacy of Christ

Mark 1:9-11

The Spirit as a dove at Jesus' baptism shows Jesus' purpose, his power that came from God, proclaims that he's God's son, and that God has pleasure in him.

The Herald of the Eternal King (Mark Sermon 1)

Dec 26, 2021
Andy Davis | Dec 26, 2021 | The Kingdom of Christ

Mark 1:1-8

This first sermon in the Mark series discusses the importance of studying Mark and covers the reason why the book starts with John the Baptist.

Mature in Feeling What Christ Would Feel

Apr 30, 2024
Andy Davis | Apr 30, 2024 | Sanctification, External Journey, Jesus Christ

Romans 12:15

Can I really trust my gut?

Christlike Emotions

Nov 14, 2023
Andy Davis | Nov 14, 2023 | The Person of Christ, Godliness

Luke 10:21

What are godly emotions?

Discovering Christ Class : Jesus’ Identity – The Son of God

Sep 03, 2023
Andy Davis | Sep 03, 2023 | Evangelism, Deity of Christ

Mark 1:1-16:19

The study introduces Jesus, establishing his identity as the Son of God and looking at his authority in many spheres of life.

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