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Timeless Lessons from the Book of Job

Dec 12, 2021
Andy Davis | Dec 12, 2021 | Joy in Suffering, Book Overviews

Job 1:1-42:17

Andy discuss the main point of the book of Job along with 10 timeless lessons we can learn from this great Old Testament book. Listen to this final sermon in the Job series.

How Can a Man Be Righteous Before God? (Job Sermon 7)

Apr 11, 2021
Andy Davis | Apr 11, 2021 | Imputed Righteousness, Justification

Job 8:1-10:22

Andy Davis preaches a sermon on Job 8-10. Job moves from anger to despair about God as his legal adversary who will be his prosecutor in court. Job yearns for a mediator, someone to go between God and man to advocate on man's behalf. Job did not...

Job: 10 Timeless Lessons on Suffering

Jun 02, 2024
Andy Davis | Jun 02, 2024 | Joy in Suffering, Trials

Job 1:1-42:17

God is in the boat! In this class see how the Book of Job is God’s hand holding you close during times of suffering, which are necessary on the journey to spiritual maturity.

Timeless Lesson from the Book of Job

Mar 24, 2024
Andy Davis | Mar 24, 2024 | Faith, Joy in Suffering

Job 1:1-42:17

The Book of Job is an Old Testament example of how, even though God brings suffering into people's lives, they can learn from God and draw close to him, filled with hope.

The Spirit Knit Jesus Together

Dec 13, 2023
Andy Davis | Dec 13, 2023 | The Holy Spirit, Incarnation, Animal Sacrificial System, Sanctity Of Human Life

Psalms 139:13

How did the Word become flesh?

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