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Acts Episode 6: The First-fruits and the Early Church

Mar 09, 2022
Andy Davis | Mar 09, 2022 |

Acts 2:37-47

In this Bible Study podcast, Andy and Wes tackle Acts 2:37-47 and they cover the Pentecost conversions and life in the early church.

Acts Episode 5: Preaching Christ Crucified and Risen According to Scripture

Mar 02, 2022
Andy Davis | Mar 02, 2022 | Resurrection of Christ

Acts 2:22-36

Andy and Wes unpack the Pentecost sermon given by the Apostle Peter.

Acts Episode 4: The Prophet Joel Fulfilled

Feb 23, 2022
Andy Davis | Feb 23, 2022 | The Holy Spirit, Second Coming of Christ, Prophecy, Return of Christ

Acts 2:14-21

Peter begins his Pentecost sermon by defending the brothers against the charge of drunkenness by appealing to the prophecy from Joel of the pouring out of the Spirit. He states that this phenomenon was foretold by...

Acts Episode 3: Pentecost - the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Feb 16, 2022
Andy Davis | Feb 16, 2022 | Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-13

Luke gives the account of the momentous gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift Jesus had predicted (John 14:16-17, Luke 24:49). The Spirit comes with three divine signs: a supernatural sound (rushing wind) and sight...

Witnesses of the Resurrection

Apr 20, 2014
Andy Davis | Apr 20, 2014 | Resurrection of Christ

Acts 1:1-28:31

Pastor Andy Davis preaches a sermon on the Book of Acts. The main subject of the sermon is the history of the Christian church and how it is eternally indebted to Christ.

The Prayer Meeting: Birthplace of a Growing Church

Dec 14, 2021
Andy Davis | Dec 14, 2021 | Prayer, Ministry

Acts 2:42

What is the role of prayer in the church and in evangelism?

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