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Witnesses of the Resurrection

Apr 20, 2014
Andy Davis | Apr 20, 2014 | Resurrection of Christ

Acts 1:1-28:31

Pastor Andy Davis preaches a sermon on the Book of Acts. The main subject of the sermon is the history of the Christian church and how it is eternally indebted to Christ.

Timeless Lessons in Church Planting

Apr 01, 2012
Andy Davis | Apr 01, 2012 |

Acts 13:1-14:28

Andy Davis preaches an expository sermon on Acts 13-14. The main subject of the sermon is the apostolic example we find in the Book of Acts.

A Hunger for God

May 15, 2005
Andy Davis | May 15, 2005 |

Acts 13:1-3

A sermon presenting the biblical reasons for fasting and its role in the internal journey of Christians.

Acts Podcast 26: The Gospel in Antioch and then Iconium

Jul 27, 2022
Andy Davis | Jul 27, 2022 | Missions, Ministry

Acts 13:44-14:7

In this episode, Paul and Barnabas continue a powerful preaching ministry in Antioch, resulting in conversions and persecution.

Acts Podcast 25: Paul and Barnabas at Pisidian Antioch

Jul 20, 2022
Andy Davis | Jul 20, 2022 | Church History, Boldness & Courage

Acts 13:13-43

In this episode, Paul and Barnabas preach the gospel in the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch and meet with an initially positive reaction.

Acts Podcast 24: Paul and Barnabas and the First Missionary Journey

Jul 13, 2022
Andy Davis | Jul 13, 2022 | Missions, Spiritual Warfare

Acts 13:1-12

Andy and Wes discuss the first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas, and some events that happened during their time in Antioch.

Church Planting in the Book of Acts

Sep 13, 2022
Andy Davis | Sep 13, 2022 |

Acts 13:2-3

What does the book of Acts teach us about church planting?

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