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Acts Episode 2: In the Upper Room

Acts Episode 2: In the Upper Room

February 09, 2022 | Andy Davis
Acts 1:12-26
Church Government (Polity)

Luke gives us a glimpse into the life of the church after the Ascension of Christ and before the coming of the Holy Spirit. The church is assembled constantly for prayer, and they are all of one heart and mind. It is a small church, a believer’s church, a church which includes some of Jesus’ family. The only issue they have to resolve in Acts 1 is the selection of Judas’s replacement. Peter seems to be the leader of the group, despite his sin in denying Christ, a testimony to the overwhelming grace and forgiveness flowing from Christ’s cross. Peter leads them in this matter, reasoning from Scripture, from the events of Judas’s death, and from prayer. The requirements of apostolic office are laid out, along with some insight into their function as eyewitnesses of Christ’s life on earth. The church prays, and selects Matthias by casting a lot. This is a contrast with the Spirit-led church later in Acts 13 and 15.


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