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Acts Podcast 33: Triumph of Grace in a Philippian Jail

Sep 14, 2022
Andy Davis | Sep 14, 2022 | Conversion, Faith, Joy in Suffering

Acts 16:16-40

In this episode, Luke tells of the triumph of Paul and Silas over suffering resulting in the conversion of the Philippian jailer and his family.

Acts Podcast 32: Led by the Spirit to Philippi

Sep 07, 2022
Andy Davis | Sep 07, 2022 | Walk by Faith, Ministry

Acts 16:6-15

Paul’s missionary work in Europe with the thrilling events of the vision that brought him to Philippi and Lydia’s conversion.

Acts Podcast 31: Paul And Barnabas Split, Paul Begins Second Missionary Journey

Aug 31, 2022
Andy Davis | Aug 31, 2022 | Two Journeys, The Church

Acts 15:36-16:5

Luke records Paul and Barnabas parting ways over a controversy, Paul’s second missionary journey, his relationship with Timothy, and the growth of the churches.

Witnesses of the Resurrection

Apr 20, 2014
Andy Davis | Apr 20, 2014 | Resurrection of Christ

Acts 1:1-28:31

Pastor Andy Davis preaches a sermon on the Book of Acts. The main subject of the sermon is the history of the Christian church and how it is eternally indebted to Christ.

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