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The Mysteries of God's Justice (Habakkuk Sermon 1 of 9)

Mar 24, 2002
Andrew Davis | Mar 24, 2002 | Judgment, The Kingdom of Christ, Justice of God

Habakkuk 1:1-11

I. Modern Issues from an Ancient Scroll I'd like to ask, if you would, to turn to Habakkuk Chapter 1. Habakkuk was a minor prophet toward the end of the Old Testament, and you'll find him there after Nahum. Where's Nahum? Well, it's before...

The Prosecutor's Summary: The Whole World Silent Before God (Romans Sermon 15 of 120)

Apr 16, 2000
Andrew Davis | Apr 16, 2000 | Judgment

Romans 3:19-20

I. Review: The Bleak Picture of Romans 1:18-3:20 Please turn in your Bibles to Romans, chapter 3. This morning we're going to be looking at verses 19-20, but also taking an opportunity to look back over this section in Paul's letter to the...

God's Righteousness in Judging the World (Romans Sermon 13 of 120)

Apr 02, 2000
Andrew Davis | Apr 02, 2000 | Judgment, Justice of God

Romans 3:1-8

I. Introduction: The Controversial Nature of the Gospel Please take your Bibles if you would and open to Romans chapter 3. As we move into the third chapter in Romans... See, we are making progress, I just want to encourage you in that. We've...

Principles of God's Righteous Judgment (Romans Sermon 10 of 120)

Mar 12, 2000
Andrew Davis | Mar 12, 2000 | Judgment

Romans 2:6-11

I. The Coming Judgment of God: A Great White Throne Please take your Bibles and open Romans Chapter 2. This morning we are going to continue looking at Romans as we go verse by verse. We're going to look at verses 6-11, "Seeking glory, honor...

Handed Over By God: Sexual Perversion As Judgment (Romans Sermon 7 of 120)

Feb 20, 2000
Andrew Davis | Feb 20, 2000 | Idolatry, The Dark Exchange, Sexual Immorality, Judgment

Romans 1:24-28

I. Review: The First Dark Exchange – The Glory of God for Created Things Take your Bibles, if you would, and open to Romans chapter 1. That was tremendous worship, and I can't tell you how excited I'm going to be to see that day when...

Built Wisely Is Built to Last: Jesus Prepares Us For Judgment Day (Matthew Sermon 24 of 151)

Jul 18, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jul 18, 1999 | Judgement Day, Judgment

Matthew 7:24-29

Introduction Turn to Matthew 7: 24-29 as we complete our study in the Sermon on the Mount. We're pointing to this conclusion in the same way that Jesus pointed to it, namely that we should hear the word of God with a heart to obey.  When I...


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