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The Glory Now Revealed: What We'll Discover About God in Heaven (Sermon on Revelation)

Jul 08, 2024
Andy Davis | Jul 08, 2024 | Heaven, The Kingdom of Christ

Revelation 1:1-22:21

What does Scripture actually tell us that heaven is like, and why should we think about it more than we do? In this message, pastor Andy Davis walks us through how Scripture answers these questions.

Christ and the Future Unveiled (Revelation Sermon 49 of 49)

May 27, 2018
Andy Davis | May 27, 2018 |

Revelation 1:1-22:21

Andy Davis preaches an overview of the Book of Revelation. The main subject of the sermon is what main topics John shares with readers in the Book of Revelation.

Lessons on the End of the World, Part II (Revelation Sermon 23 of 49)

Oct 15, 2017
Andy Davis | Oct 15, 2017 | The Doctrine of Scripture, Prophecy

Revelation 12:1-13:18

We continue to look at other Scriptures, namely the book of Daniel, to provide more context for our study in Revelation. We see how “…the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone He wishes” as His Word is proven to...

Lessons on the End of the World, Part I (Revelation Sermon 22 of 49)

Oct 08, 2017
Andy Davis | Oct 08, 2017 | Second Coming of Christ, End Times

Revelation 12:1-13:18

Revelation is a complex book; our study of it will benefit from looking at context in other places in the Bible. Matthew 24 is also known as the “Little Apocalypse”, in which Jesus teaches his disciples about the signs of the end times — the...

Satan's Warfare Unveiled—His Power and His Defeats (Revelation Sermon 21 of 49)

Oct 01, 2017
Andy Davis | Oct 01, 2017 | Angels, Satan, Heaven

Revelation 12:7-17

The war in Heaven continues as Satan is thwarted at every turn in Heaven. Enraged, he turns his attention to the saints on earth. God gives us an even broader look behind the veil to see the connection between events on earth and those in the...

War in Heaven and on Earth: The Dragon and the Woman (Revelation Sermon 20 of 49)

Sep 24, 2017
Andy Davis | Sep 24, 2017 | Satan, Heaven

Revelation 12:1-17

Apocalytic imagery can be difficult to apply to our daily lives. Here we learn how the glorious woman, the red dragon, and the male child apply to our own lives, how Satan, who hates us and seeks to destroy all God has done, is defeated...

Christmas in the Heavenly Realms

Dec 18, 2011
Andy Davis | Dec 18, 2011 | Incarnation

Revelation 12:1-12

Andy Davis preaches a verse by verse expository sermon on Revelation 12:1-12. The main subject of the sermon is the warfare that God and His saints wage against Satan's demonic forces.

Offerings to the Spirit of the Age

Jan 23, 2005
Andy Davis | Jan 23, 2005 | Sanctity Of Human Life

Revelation 12:1-17

Pastor Andy Davis preaches an expository sermon on Revelation 12. The main subject of the sermon is the way people make murderous offerings to the spirit of the age.

The Woman and the Dragon

Dec 10, 2023
Andy Davis | Dec 10, 2023 | God's Purpose for the World, Spiritual Warfare, Satan

Revelation 12:4-5

What was happening behind the manger scene at Christmas?

Revelation Podcast Overview

Mar 20, 2024
Andy Davis | Mar 20, 2024 | Book Overviews, Exaltation of Christ, Prophecy

Revelation 1:1-22:21

The Book of Revelation is the climactic end of scripture, the indispensable final word of the Holy Spirit, unveiling the glories of Christ and the mysteries of the future.

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