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Christ the Only Savior from the Wrath of God (Galatians Sermon 8 of 26)

Jan 05, 2014
Andrew Davis | Jan 05, 2014 | Wrath of God, Exclusivity of Christ, Grace

Galatians 3:11-14

September 11, 2001 is a day that would burn in our memories for as long as we live. Those of us who were alive at that time and were following the events of that day, saw the Twin Towers struck by Boeing 767s and explode in fire, and then...

The God Who Tests Motives (Isaiah Sermon 10 of 81)

Jul 06, 2008
Andrew Davis | Jul 06, 2008 | Wrath of God, Judgment, Justice of God

Isaiah 10:5-34

The Bible is a constant amazement to me. I'm constantly in awe of this book. To me it is like an ocean. I think about this often. I picture my little children sitting in their colorful bathing suits right at the edge of the ocean, and splashing...

His Hand is Still Upraised (Isaiah Sermon 9 of 81)

Jun 29, 2008
Andrew Davis | Jun 29, 2008 | Wrath of God, Repentance, Pride

Isaiah 9:8-10:4

I. Introduction One of the most sober responsibilities I have as a preacher of the word of God is to urge you to flee from the wrath to come because there is a wrath that is coming. One of the greatest joys of my ministry is to tell you that...

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