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The Lord Teaches Us to Pray: The Lord's Prayer, Part 2 (Matthew Sermon 17 of 151)

May 23, 1999
Andrew Davis | May 23, 1999 | Temptation

Matthew 6:7-15

Introduction   A few days ago, my wife and I were at Jamestown,VA. W were standing on deck of the Susan Constant, a replica of the boat that took the settlers from England all the way to Jamestown. My mind was fixed on a couple of pumps in...

The Coronation and Testing of the King (Matthew Sermon 5 of 151)

Jan 17, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jan 17, 1999 | Temptation

Matthew 3:13-4:11

  I. Introduction In December 2nd 1804, a short balding man from Corsica stood before Pope Pius VII in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte. That day was to be the day of his coronation as Emperor...

Four Key Arenas of Purity

Nov 7, 2018
Andrew Davis | Nov 7, 2018 | Temptation

Having studied the various lists of prohibitions for Christians in the New Testament, I think it is helpful to focus on four major arenas Christians must fight for separation from sin: sexual purity, speech purity, relational purity, purity in...

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