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God's Glorious Plan of Salvation (Ephesians Sermon 4 of 54)

May 03, 2015
Andrew Davis | May 03, 2015 | Salvation, Sovereignty of God

Ephesians 1:11-14

The Complexity of Our World We live in a incredibly complex world, don't we? I mean, we look at the world around us, we think about the earthquake in Nepal, and we think about the complexities of plate tectonics, or the mountains, the earth...

Crucified with Christ, Alive in Christ (Galatians Sermon 5 of 26)

Dec 01, 2013
Andrew Davis | Dec 01, 2013 | Alive in Christ, Salvation

Galatians 2:20

Amen. I just discovered that the battery is out in this pulpit clock, so you guys are at my mercy now. No, I've got the watch here, and we'll keep an eye on it. But I tell you, I could without any difficulty preach for hours on this one verse...

The Narrow Gate: Jesus Commands Us to Enter the Kingdom (Matthew Sermon 22 of 151)

Jul 04, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jul 04, 1999 | Salvation, Two Ways to Live, Hell

Matthew 7:13-14

Two Gates: A Point of Decision  As we continue in our series on the Sermon on the Mount, we come to a narrow gate which Jesus sets before us. Seven centuries before Jesus ascended the mount on which He preached the Sermon on the Mount, the...

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