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A Final Summary of the Book of Romans (Romans Sermon 120 of 120)

Nov 19, 2006
Andrew Davis | Nov 19, 2006 | Book Overviews, The Gospel as the Power of God for Salvation

Romans 1:1-16:27

Romans in Church History Some time ago, I received a tape, which I really enjoyed, from John MacArthur’s ministry called "Jet Tour Through the Book of Revelation." And he took the hearers through 22 chapters of Revelation in one hour...

The Supernatural Life: Dealing with Challenging People (Romans Sermon 97 of 120)

Apr 02, 2006
Andrew Davis | Apr 02, 2006 | Sowing and Reaping , Anabaptists, Pride, Forgiveness

Romans 12:14-21

Introduction Well, this is our third week of looking at the supernatural life that the Apostle Paul is commanding. And these very practical commands at the end of Romans 12, the application of 11 chapters of doctrine, the foundation of the...

Living the Supernatural Life, Part 2 (Romans Sermon 96 of 120)

Mar 26, 2006
Andrew Davis | Mar 26, 2006 | Hospitality

Romans 12:9-21

Introduction: There are three thoughts that bring me joy every day of my life, and all three are focused on the person of Christ. One of them has to do with the past, one of them has to do with the present and one of them has to do with the...

Living the Supernatural Life, Part 1 (Romans Sermon 95 of 120)

Mar 19, 2006
Andrew Davis | Mar 19, 2006 | Running the Race, Life in the Spirit

Romans 12:9-16

I. The Supernatural Life So we're looking at Romans chapter 12 and for the next three weeks, some of the practicalities of the Christian life, what God's word has to say about how to live our everyday lives to his glory. Now as I think about...

Transforming the Mind by the Word of God (Romans Sermon 92 of 120)

Feb 19, 2006
Andrew Davis | Feb 19, 2006 | Christian Living, Worship

Romans 12:1-2

I. Changing Your Mind We're looking this morning for the second week, at two phenomenally important verses in terms of practical application. Romans 12:1-2. And I don't think it's a rare thing for human beings to look at themselves and wish...

The Highest Act of Worship (Romans Sermon 91 of 120)

Feb 05, 2006
Andrew Davis | Feb 05, 2006 | Christian Living, Animal Sacrificial System, Worship

Romans 12:1-2

Introduction: The world is full of all kinds of worship We are looking now at Romans 12:1-2. We’re going to spend two weeks on it, this time and the next time that I preach on Romans. The outline is balanced. You see, presenting your...

The Gospel of God's Glory and of Our Glorification (Romans Sermon 1 of 120)

Jan 02, 2000
Andrew Davis | Jan 02, 2000 | The Gospel, Church History, Book Overviews

Romans 1:1-16:27

Why don't you take your Bibles and open to the Book of Romans. We're beginning a new series of sermons in Romans today. Some of the things I've enjoyed as we reach the end of the millennium, the end of the century and started moving on, are the...

Corporate Compassion

Jul 12, 2015
Andrew Davis | Jul 12, 2015 |

Romans 12:15

Transcript Pending

Every Member Ministry, Part 2

Oct 25, 2009
Andrew Davis | Oct 25, 2009 |

Romans 12:1-8

Transcript Pending

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