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A Precise Question: Whose Son is the Christ? (Matthew Sermon 115 of 151)

Feb 28, 2010
Andrew Davis | Feb 28, 2010 | Bible Prophecy, Exaltation of Christ, Deity of Christ, Christ and the Old Testament

Matthew 22:41-46

Introduction So that's my single desire for the sermon today, to elevate your thoughts about Jesus Christ that you would think greater thoughts of him than you've ever done before. I'm convinced there's not a person in this room that doesn't...

Love Your Neighbor: The Call of the Jericho Road (Matthew Sermon 114 of 151)

Feb 21, 2010
Andrew Davis | Feb 21, 2010 | The Law of God, Brotherly Love, Good Works, Love of God

Matthew 22:34-40

Introduction There are some journeys that we take in life, some roads that we can get on that just change our lives. They are memorable roads. I think about one in particular, the Karakoram highway, I saw with my own eyes in 1987, in the...

The Second Greatest Commandment (Matthew Sermon 113 of 151)

Feb 14, 2010
Andrew Davis | Feb 14, 2010 | Sanctification, The Law of God, Life in the Spirit, Brotherly Love

Matthew 22:34-40

Introduction “And now these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” So says the final verse of 1 Corinthians 13. And as I meditate on that, I think about what does it mean these three remain? Could it...

Diagnosing Your Heart Condition (Matthew Sermon 112 of 151)

Feb 07, 2010
Andrew Davis | Feb 07, 2010 | Sanctification, Life in the Spirit, Idolatry, Pure in Heart

Matthew 22:34-40

Introduction Truly, it is said that God's ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts. If it had been up to me, John's gospel would have ended at Chapter 20. What an incredible end there is there, and I know we're preaching on...

The Greatest Commandment (Matthew Sermon 111 of 151)

Jan 17, 2010
Andrew Davis | Jan 17, 2010 | The Law of God, Judgement Day, Love of God

Matthew 22:34-40

Introduction It was the last week of Jesus' life. We've been studying this last week of Jesus' life in another gospel account. In John's gospel, we have the account of Jesus' visit, his final visit to his friends, Martha and Mary, and Lazarus...

Jesus Proves the Resurrection (Matthew Sermon 110 of 151)

Jan 10, 2010
Andrew Davis | Jan 10, 2010 | Salvation, Death & Dying, Resurrection of Christ, Marriage and Parenting

Matthew 22:23-33

It's not Easter Sunday. But we have celebrated the resurrection already in song and now we're going to celebrate the resurrection in the hearing of the word. What is the most significant moment in human history? New Zealand-based evangelist Ray...

A Christian's Duty to God and Government (Matthew Sermon 109 of 151)

Jan 03, 2010
Andrew Davis | Jan 03, 2010 | Exaltation of Christ, The Kingdom of Christ, Government & Authority

Matthew 22:15-22

Introduction Turn in your Bibles, if you would, to Matthew chapter 22. We resume our series in the gospel of Matthew. As I was growing up, one of my favorite movies - I love adventure movies and war movies, if they're done in a certain way. And...

The Parable of the Wedding Feast, Part 2 (Matthew Sermon 108 of 151)

Dec 06, 2009
Andrew Davis | Dec 06, 2009 | Wrath of God, Joy, Imputed Righteousness, Hell, Providence and Sovereignty of God

Matthew 22:1-14

Introduction Well, it's not every day that a story from current events just hands you a tailor-made sermon illustration. But that's what happened on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, November 24th, when a couple sought to crash a state party at the...

The Parable of the Wedding Feast, Part 1 (Matthew Sermon 107 of 151)

Nov 29, 2009
Andrew Davis | Nov 29, 2009 | Wrath of God, Judgement Day, The Kingdom of Christ, Providence and Sovereignty of God

Matthew 22:1-14

Introduction So, we resume our series in Matthew. Going back to Matthew now and resuming our look at the life of Christ from that marvelous gospel. And we come to the parable of the wedding feast. We're gonna deal with it in two weeks. This...

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