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The Glory of the Stone the Builders Rejected (Matthew Sermon 106 of 151)

Jul 19, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jul 19, 2009 | Exalting Christ, Israel's Rejection of Jesus

Matthew 21:42

Introduction So you hear in my prayer, I have a simple goal, and my goal is to beguile your hearts and entice your hearts with the greatness and the marvelous nature of Jesus Christ. That you would be weaned from the things of this world and...

The Absentee Landowner Demands His Harvest (Matthew Sermon 105 of 151)

Jul 12, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jul 12, 2009 | Judgement Day, Stewardship, The Kingdom of Christ

Matthew 21:33-46

Introduction From the very beginning of creation, God made a world designed for fruitfulness, filled with fruit. Genesis 1:11 says, “God said, ‘Let the land produce vegetation, seed-bearing plants and trees in the land, that bear...

To Obey is Better than Promising to Obey (Matthew Sermon 104 of 151)

Jun 21, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jun 21, 2009 | Judgement Day, Repentance, Hypocrisy, Good Works

Matthew 21:28-32

Introduction I want you to picture yourself now, just this morning in your mind's eye, moving away from a home that you've lived in for 40 years. You're elderly now, feeble, unable to care for your home with all of its constant needs. You've...

The Authority of Jesus (Matthew Sermon 102 of 151)

Jun 07, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jun 07, 2009 | Supremacy of Christ, Deity of Christ, Government & Authority

Matthew 21:23-27

Introduction So we come today, in Matthew 21, to the question of Jesus' authority. And we have to begin by asking: what is authority? It is, I think, the power to influence or to command thoughts or opinion or behavior, it's the right to rule or...

A Withered Fig Tree and Mountain-Moving Faith (Matthew Sermon 101 of 151)

May 31, 2009
Andrew Davis | May 31, 2009 | Faith, Prayer, Judged by Works

Matthew 21:18-22

Introduction “If you believe, you'll receive whatever you ask for in prayer,” those words were projected up on the screen as we came in, I looked at them again. They've really been challenging me. And I wanna begin by saying that...

God Has Ordained Praise (Matthew Sermon 100 of 151)

May 24, 2009
Andrew Davis | May 24, 2009 | Exalting Christ, Worship, Pure in Heart, Humility

Matthew 21:14-17

A Word About Praise So I constantly marvel at the providence of God. We did not orchestrate that the children would sing this morning. We didn't plan that out that that would line up with the sermon, but so it is. And so I get to preach on this...

Jesus Purifies the Temple of God (Matthew Sermon 99 of 151)

May 17, 2009
Andrew Davis | May 17, 2009 | The Purity and Unity of the Church, Prophecy, Animal Sacrificial System

Matthew 21:12-13

Introduction In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John had a vision of Jesus as both lion and lamb. The lion is characterized by strength, power, and regal bearing, the ability to tear his enemies limb from limb. Utter fearlessness, decisive...

The Triumphal Entry (Matthew Sermon 98 of 151)

May 10, 2009
Andrew Davis | May 10, 2009 | Glory of God, Bible Prophecy, Exalting Christ, Prophecy, Worship

Matthew 21:1-11

Introduction Well, I was commenting to somebody before worship today, that we may be one of the few Southern Baptist churches that's preaching a Palm Sunday theme on Mother's Day. We're not behind schedule, we're just going on to the next text...

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