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John 18:1-18 Episode 37 - The Arrest, Pt.2

John 18:1-18 Episode 37 - The Arrest, Pt.2

September 23, 2020 | Andrew Davis
John 18:1-18
Humiliation of Christ

Jesus demonstrated His supernatural courage, knowledge, and control during His arrest in Gethsemane. He boldly went out to meet 600 armed men, took control of the situation, merely spoke His name (“I am”), and they fell to the ground. His purpose was to protect His disciples lest they fall away as a result of a trial that they were not yet ready to handle. Peter stepped out of that protective net, a precursor of the trial Peter was about to bring on himself. John weaves together the concurrent accounts of Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial. The account shows the unflinching courage of Jesus contrasted with the cowardice of his chief disciple.

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