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John 18:19-40 Episode 38 - The Trial, Pt.2

John 18:19-40 Episode 38 - The Trial, Pt.2

October 07, 2020 | Andrew Davis
John 18:19-40
Humiliation of Christ

Jesus goes to trial, first before the Jewish religious leaders, then before the secular authority. The Jewish leaders desired to execute Jesus, but Pilate believed Him to be innocent. Yet, under pressure from the Jews, He interrogates Jesus. Jesus tells Pilate of an other-worldly kingdom, the whole basis of which is truth. He invites Pilate to join Him if he is on the side of truth. Pilate’s unbelief and cynicism led him to reject the truth, who was standing right in front of him. Pilate tries a weak attempt free Jesus, but it turns on him as the Jews would rather have criminal than Jesus.

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