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Christ's Passionate Zeal for the Glory of His Bride (Isaiah Sermon 75 of 81)

Dec 18, 2016
Andrew Davis | Dec 18, 2016 | Zion

Isaiah 62

The Beauty of the Wedding Day So I have a problem that happens every time I officiate a wedding, which I did yesterday. I struggle not to cry. This is a problem for me. And I don't remember it happening before a wedding about 15 years ago. I...

The Glory of Zion (Isaiah Sermon 73 of 81)

Dec 04, 2016
Andrew Davis | Dec 04, 2016 | Zion, Glory of God, Life in the New Creation

Isaiah 60

Disillusioned by the "Holy” City Well, we come to Isaiah 60, this morning to one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. So I'm smiling because I say that just about every week, I know. I mean, I love the book of Isaiah, but this chapter...

God's Grace in Christ Makes Zion Glorious (Isaiah Sermon 64 of 81)

Feb 15, 2015
Andrew Davis | Feb 15, 2015 | Zion, True Israel, Missions

Isaiah 54:1-7

Four Connections of Context When I was in seminary, one of the things they taught us when it comes to every passage of scripture is this phrase that we never forgot, that is context is king, but what that means is every passage of the Bible must...

Awake O Zion and Celebrate: Your God Reigns! (Isaiah Sermon 60 of 81)

Jan 11, 2015
Andrew Davis | Jan 11, 2015 | Zion, Missions

Isaiah 52:1-12

Coming to Mount Zion The Bible gives us many different images for the church, the people of God that it called out. It does that because just as it gives us many different images of God, the whole picture is complex, and so not just one image...

Paul's Allegory: The Deeper Meaning of Scripture (Galatians Sermon 14 of 26)

Feb 23, 2014
Andrew Davis | Feb 23, 2014 | Allegory, Zion, Blessing of Abraham

Galatians 4:21-31

Two passages are on my mind today as we open our Bibles to Galatians 4. We're looking for the second week at verses 21-31. As you do that, there are two great scriptures in my mind as we look at this topic of  Paul's allegory and the deeper...

Two Women Represent Two Covenants: Laws vs Grace (Galatians Sermon 13 of 26)

Feb 16, 2014
Andrew Davis | Feb 16, 2014 | Allegory, Zion, Blessing of Abraham

Galatians 4:21-31

So this text is very deep, very difficult, very complex. It mentions an allegory, it mentions women in labor, so this morning this sermon gave birth to two sermons. What I want to do is go through the text all the way through and give you what I...

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