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Elements of a Fruitful Ministry (Colossians Sermon 4 of 21)

Sep 16, 2007
Andrew Davis | Sep 16, 2007 | Suffering, Ministry, Stewardship, The Church

Colossians 1:24-29

I. Introduction We are looking this morning at Colossians 1:24-29: Elements of a Fruitful Ministry. I love history. I do. I especially love colorful figures from history, and I think there are few as colorful from the old American West as the...

What Are You Doing More Than Others?: The Supernatural Life of a Christian (Matthew Sermon 14 of 151)

May 02, 1999
Andrew Davis | May 02, 1999 | War Against the Flesh, Stewardship

Matthew 5:38-48

I. Introduction I'd like to begin by reading you a story of some local history that I came across recently, which I found fascinating.  In the year 1837 a duel took place between Congressman George Dromgoole and hotel owner Daniel Digger...

Imitating George Mueller’s Faith

Jul 23, 2018
Andrew Davis | Jul 23, 2018 | Faith, Prayer, Stewardship

“Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”   Hebrews 13:7 How can we imitate someone’s faith?  Faith is something unseen, a...

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