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An Obscure Widow’s Timeless Gift

Jul 21, 2019
Andrew Davis | Jul 21, 2019 | Sowing and Reaping , Eternal Rewards, Money and Possessions

Luke 21:1-4

It’s a Wonderful Life: Celebrating Mr. Everyman Please turn in your bibles to Luke 21. We're looking this morning at a very brief account of a gift given by an obscure widow, a woman we know nothing else about and the lessons we can learn...

Do Not Grow Weary in Doing Good: Your Salvation Depends on It! (Galatians Sermon 24 of 26)

Jun 15, 2014
Andrew Davis | Jun 15, 2014 | Sowing and Reaping

Galatians 6:7-10

I. The Danger of Weariness in Doing Good Amen. One of the greatest tragedies I think of our life in this world, this life in the flesh, is the proneness that all of us have toward boredom, toward weariness of good things. The fact that things...

The Supernatural Life: Dealing with Challenging People (Romans Sermon 97 of 120)

Apr 02, 2006
Andrew Davis | Apr 02, 2006 | Sowing and Reaping , Anabaptists, Pride, Forgiveness

Romans 12:14-21

Introduction Well, this is our third week of looking at the supernatural life that the Apostle Paul is commanding. And these very practical commands at the end of Romans 12, the application of 11 chapters of doctrine, the foundation of the...

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