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Philadelphia: The Church of the Open Door (Revelation Sermon 7 of 49)

Apr 23, 2017
Andrew Davis | Apr 23, 2017 | Sovereignty of God

Revelation 3:7-13

Introduction Please turn in your Bibles to Revelation 3:7-13 as we look at the sixth of the seven timeless letters that Jesus gave to the first-century churches. Since the beginning of human history people have marked the passage of time in...

God's Purpose in the Stumbling of Israel, Part 1 (Romans Sermon 84 of 120)

Oct 23, 2005
Andrew Davis | Oct 23, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 11:11-16

I. Review: Israel’s Stumbling Over Christ We continue to look in Romans 9-11, at one of the deepest and most perplexing problems connected with the gospel and that is the problem of the Jewish rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. We have...

Christ Is the End of the Law (Romans Sermon 73 of 120)

Jul 17, 2005
Andrew Davis | Jul 17, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 10:1-4

Introduction: Functioning in a World of Mystery In Romans 10:1-4 we come to the connection between Romans 9 and Romans 10. We come immediately at verse 1, to a mystery in the Christian life, and we should be used to that. We live in a world...

Vessels of Wrath and Vessels of Mercy (Romans Sermon 70 of 120)

May 29, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 29, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 9:19-23

Introduction: A Recipe for Excellence We're looking this morning at Romans 9:19-23. We've already seen some things in verses 19:23. And as I was thinking about this message, I was just remembering my own upbringing. Both of my parents were...

The Potter's Freedom (Romans Sermon 69 of 120)

May 22, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 22, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 9:19-23

Introduction This morning we are looking this morning at Romans 9:19-23. One of the things my family and I like to do is to go to historic places like Williamsburg or Conner Prairie in Indiana or some of these other places where they do crafts...

God Displays His Power in and through Pharaoh (Romans Sermon 68 of 120)

May 8, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 8, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 9:17-18

Introduction Turn your Bibles to Romans chapter 9. We'll be looking this morning at verses 17-18. We come in these verses to one of the deepest and hardest mysteries of doctrine that we're going to ever face in the Bible. And so I prayed for a...

The Justice, Mercy, and Freedom of God in Election (Romans Sermon 65 of 120)

Apr 10, 2005
Andrew Davis | Apr 10, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 9:14-16

Introduction: “Is that a fact?” Well, it's a delight to be with you today as we continue our series in Romans Chapter 9. We come to some incredible verses that you've now heard and read twice. One of them in Indonesian and one in...

God's Word Has Not Failed (Romans Sermon 59 of 120)

Feb 20, 2005
Andrew Davis | Feb 20, 2005 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 9-11

The Great Need for Confidence in God As I begin this incredible section of Scripture, Romans 9-11, I'd like to begin with a question of context. I want to try to establish why Paul wrote these incredible chapters. And I think that understanding...

Conquering Life's Ultimate Question (Romans Sermon 58 of 120)

Mar 3, 2002
Andrew Davis | Mar 3, 2002 | Sovereignty of God

Romans 8:35-39

Endurance and Assurance for a Dangerous Journey Take your Bibles, if you would, and look in them with me at Romans Chapter 8. This is going to be our last sermon in Romans for a while, and that's kind of exciting when you stop and think about...

A King's Selfish Cruelty and the Fulfillment of Prophecy (Matthew Sermon 3 of 151)

Jan 3, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jan 3, 1999 | Sovereignty of God

Matthew 2:13-23

I would like to invite you now to turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 2. We are going to continue our series in Matthew with verses 13-23. I think as we look at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century, the theme of the leadership...

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