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No Longer Imprisoned by Law, Now Heirs According to Promise (Galatians Sermon 10 of 26)

Jan 26, 2014
Andrew Davis | Jan 26, 2014 | Purpose of the Law

Galatians 3:23-29

Amen. In John Bunyan's classic allegory of the Christian Life, Pilgrim's Progress, a book that Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher read at least once a year for 50 years. And you think, how could you read the same book over and over? But...

The Promise Is Superior to the Law (Galatians Sermon 9 of 26)

Jan 12, 2014
Andrew Davis | Jan 12, 2014 | Purpose of the Law

Galatians 3:15-22

Amen. So, we come this morning to Galatians 3:15-22. We come to what I'm going to call a 'black diamond' passage. So what do I mean by that? Well, you skiers will know what that means, alright? I learned to ski in the center of Massachusetts on a...

The Word is Near You (Romans Sermon 74 of 120)

Jul 24, 2005
Andrew Davis | Jul 24, 2005 | Purpose of the Law

Romans 10:5-10

I. Introduction: The Quest for the Holy Grail Isn't it great to be a Christian? Isn't it great to be saved by grace? Aren't you glad that you are saved by a free gift and not by some great achievement you have to earn? And the text talks about...

Christ Is the End of the Law (Romans Sermon 73 of 120)

Jul 17, 2005
Andrew Davis | Jul 17, 2005 | Purpose of the Law

Romans 10:1-4

Introduction: Functioning in a World of Mystery In Romans 10:1-4 we come to the connection between Romans 9 and Romans 10. We come immediately at verse 1, to a mystery in the Christian life, and we should be used to that. We live in a world...

Law Fully Met in Us Through Christ (Romans Sermon 49 of 120)

Dec 16, 2001
Andrew Davis | Dec 16, 2001 | Purpose of the Law

Romans 8:1-4

I. Full Assurance, Can It Be? Would you take your Bibles and open them to Romans Chapter 8, we're going to be looking this morning at the first four verses of this magnificent chapter. We had an overview last week, but now we're going to dig in...

The Law Attacked and Vindicated (Romans Sermon 44 of 120)

Oct 21, 2001
Andrew Davis | Oct 21, 2001 | Purpose of the Law

Romans 7:7-12

I. God’s Law Attacked (verse 7) We are looking today at Romans 7:7-12, as we continue in our study of the Book of Romans. Before you came to church this morning, did you check in the mirror? I think many of you did as I'm looking out at...

Dead to the Law, Fruitful for God, Part 1 (Romans Sermon 41 of 120)

Sep 23, 2001
Andrew Davis | Sep 23, 2001 | Purpose of the Law

Romans 7:1-4

I. Sinai’s Bondage, Calvary’s Freedom I would like to ask, if you would, that you take your Bibles and open to Romans chapter 7. You've already heard it read earlier, but now we have a chance to look at it a little more carefully. As...

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