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The Justice, Mercy, and Freedom of God in Election (Romans Sermon 65 of 120)

Apr 10, 2005
Andrew Davis | Apr 10, 2005 | God's Purpose for the World, Sovereignty of God, Election, Predestination

Romans 9:14-16

Introduction: “Is that a fact?” Well, it's a delight to be with you today as we continue our series in Romans Chapter 9. We come to some incredible verses that you've now heard and read twice. One of them in Indonesian and one in...

God's Purpose in Election Stands (Romans Sermon 64 of 120)

Apr 03, 2005
Andrew Davis | Apr 03, 2005 | God's Purpose for the World, Election, Predestination

Romans 9:11-12

I. The Magnitude of this Issue: Our Concept of God Himself Take your Bibles if you would and look with me at Romans 9, going back into Romans 9:10-13, and really just zeroing in this morning on verses 11 and 12 at some key phrases. And as I was...

Jacob, Esau, and Unconditional Election (Romans Sermon 63 of 120)

Mar 20, 2005
Andrew Davis | Mar 20, 2005 | Election, Predestination, Blessing of Abraham

Romans 9:10-13

The Importance of Understanding the Scriptures During this upcoming week, we have the opportunity to meditate on the death of Jesus Christ, and next week to celebrate His resurrection, as we do every week, as we seek to do every day as...

God's Eternal Purpose, Our Unshakable Joy (Romans Sermon 56 of 120)

Feb 17, 2002
Andrew Davis | Feb 17, 2002 | God's Purpose for the World, Predestination

Romans 8:28-30

The Foundation of Our Salvation Turn in your Bibles if you would to Romans 8:28-30. We have been moving our way through this, the most assuring and encouraging chapter of the Bible. We have seen that from beginning to end, God is speaking to us...

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