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Saved by Grace through Faith (Ephesians Sermon 11 of 54)

Sep 13, 2015
Andrew Davis | Sep 13, 2015 | Grace, Humility, Justification

Ephesians 2:8-9

John Newton’s Story Amazing, amazing grace, “how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now, I see.” That's the beginning of the most famous hymn in the English language...

Made Holy Forever by One Sacrifice (Hebrews Sermon 39 of 74)

Sep 04, 2011
Andrew Davis | Sep 04, 2011 | Sanctification, Justification

Hebrews 10:11-18

In Search of Perfection Andrew M. Davis: So on to focus your mind this morning, immediately on Pivotal text in our section of scripture today, I want you to look at Hebrews 10:14. I really do mean for you to look there if you have copies of the...

The Faith That Justifies: Its Origin and Growth (Romans Sermon 25 of 120)

Aug 13, 2000
Andrew Davis | Aug 13, 2000 | Faith, Justification

Romans 4:22-25

I. The Insufficiently of Virtues Please take your Bibles and turn to Romans, Chapter 4. This will be for a little while, anyway, maybe even a long while, our last sermon in Romans. We've been looking at the first four chapters in Romans and it...

Abraham's Circumcision: Sign and Seal, Not Source (Romans Sermon 22 of 120)

Jun 25, 2000
Andrew Davis | Jun 25, 2000 | Faith, Covenant, Circumcision , Justification

Romans 4:9-12

I. Paul’s Genius: Total Concentration Please take your Bibles if you would and open to Romans chapter 4. This morning we're going to be looking at verses 9-12 on the issue of Abraham's circumcision. Now as we've been moving through...

Justification by Faith (Romans Sermon 21 of 120)

Jun 18, 2000
Andrew Davis | Jun 18, 2000 | Faith, Justification, Good Works

Romans 4:4-5

The Condemnation of a Righteous Man: John Wycliffe Now, those of you who've been following along, we've been traveling through the Book of Romans, and this morning we're going to continue to some degree in Romans, but I want you to look also...

Abraham's Justification: Faith, Not Works (Romans Sermon 20 of 120)

Jun 04, 2000
Andrew Davis | Jun 04, 2000 | Justification

Romans 4:1-8

I. Introduction: Salvation By Works: The Universal Religion Please take your Bibles if you would and open to Romans chapter 4. Today, we're going to be looking at Verses 1-8 in Romans 4 and I have been excited for about a month to relay to you...

The Glowing Heart of the Gospel, Part 1: Justification Through Christ (Romans Sermon 16 of 120)

Apr 23, 2000
Andrew Davis | Apr 23, 2000 | Redemption, Justification

Romans 3:21-26

I. Introduction: William Cowper’s Salvation We have by the handsome and attractive providence of God, come to the heart of the entire Bible on Easter Sunday morning. There are no accidents. God works all things after the council of His...

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