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Things That Accompany Salvation (Hebrews Sermon 23 of 74)

Mar 27, 2011
Andrew Davis | Mar 27, 2011 | Justice of God

Hebrews 6:9-12

The Most Important Question For me, one of the most powerful moments in redemptive history and in the Bible, one of the most powerful moments in the New Testament, was that moment when the Philippian jailer fell down trembling in front of Paul...

The God Who Tests Motives (Isaiah Sermon 10 of 81)

Jul 6, 2008
Andrew Davis | Jul 6, 2008 | Justice of God

Isaiah 10:5-34

The Bible is a constant amazement to me. I'm constantly in awe of this book. To me it is like an ocean. I think about this often. I picture my little children sitting in their colorful bathing suits right at the edge of the ocean, and splashing...

Vessels of Wrath and Vessels of Mercy (Romans Sermon 70 of 120)

May 29, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 29, 2005 | Justice of God

Romans 9:19-23

Introduction: A Recipe for Excellence We're looking this morning at Romans 9:19-23. We've already seen some things in verses 19:23. And as I was thinking about this message, I was just remembering my own upbringing. Both of my parents were...

The Potter's Freedom (Romans Sermon 69 of 120)

May 22, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 22, 2005 | Justice of God

Romans 9:19-23

Introduction This morning we are looking this morning at Romans 9:19-23. One of the things my family and I like to do is to go to historic places like Williamsburg or Conner Prairie in Indiana or some of these other places where they do crafts...

God Displays His Power in and through Pharaoh (Romans Sermon 68 of 120)

May 8, 2005
Andrew Davis | May 8, 2005 | Justice of God

Romans 9:17-18

Introduction Turn your Bibles to Romans chapter 9. We'll be looking this morning at verses 17-18. We come in these verses to one of the deepest and hardest mysteries of doctrine that we're going to ever face in the Bible. And so I prayed for a...

The Justice, Mercy, and Freedom of God in Election, Part 3 (Romans Sermon 67 of 120)

Apr 24, 2005
Andrew Davis | Apr 24, 2005 | Justice of God

Romans 9:14-16

Questioning God’s Justice We continue to look at Romans 9 and verses 14-16 in particular. I love the Scripture that says, "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together." Isn't that wonderful, to just think about that?...

The Glory of God Revealed in His Sovereign Freedom (Romans Sermon 66 of 120)

Apr 17, 2005
Andrew Davis | Apr 17, 2005 | Justice of God

Romans 9:15

Introduction: A Natural Aversion to God’s Sovereignty; an Unnatural Attraction to His Glory Take your Bibles and look with me at Romans 9, we're also going to be looking at Exodus 33, so you can go ahead and find both of those places as...

A Tale of Two Empires, Part 1 (Habakkuk Sermon 4 of 9)

May 5, 2002
Andrew Davis | May 5, 2002 | Justice of God

Habakkuk 2:2-17

I. A Tale of Two Cities If you would, look with me at Habakkuk chapter 2, which Warren read for us, a tremendous passage of Scripture. And we're going to see in there a tale of two empires. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Habakkuk Sermon 2 of 9)

Apr 7, 2002
Andrew Davis | Apr 7, 2002 | Justice of God

Habakkuk 1:12-2:1

I. Survival of the Fittest? If you would take your Bibles and look with me at Habakkuk 1. We're going to look in a continuing way at Habakkuk, and we've seen already read for us, and we've understood the scriptures that God's eyes are holy and...

The Mysteries of God's Justice (Habakkuk Sermon 1 of 9)

Mar 24, 2002
Andrew Davis | Mar 24, 2002 | Justice of God

Habakkuk 1:1-11

I. Modern Issues from an Ancient Scroll I'd like to ask, if you would, to turn to Habakkuk Chapter 1. Habakkuk was a minor prophet toward the end of the Old Testament, and you'll find him there after Nahum. Where's Nahum? Well, it's before...


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