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Joyful Perseverance in Trials Produces Spiritual Maturity (James Sermon 1)

Jan 12, 2020
Andrew Davis | Jan 12, 2020 | Sanctification, Grace, Joy, Life in the Spirit, Joy in Suffering, Trials, Holiness, Good Works

James 1:1-12

Introduction   Jesus’ Parable of the Hidden Treasure My sermon title is, “Joyful Perseverance in Trials Produces Spiritual Maturity.” Jesus told a parable saying, that, “the kingdom of Heaven is likened to treasure...

The Faith of Moses: Looking Ahead to Christ (Hebrews Sermon 56 of 74)

Feb 12, 2012
Andrew Davis | Feb 12, 2012 | Faith, Joy in Suffering

Hebrews 11:26-29

Divine and Supernatural Light When Jesus was with his disciples in Caesarea of Philippi, he was on somewhat of a retreat with them and spending some time in the midst of his busy controversial and difficult ministry, he went on retreat with them...

Joyful Liberation from the American Dream (Hebrews Sermon 42 of 74)

Oct 09, 2011
Andrew Davis | Oct 09, 2011 | Joy in Suffering, Persecution, Money and Possessions

Hebrews 10:32-35

I. Our Context... and Theirs As we come to this text, Hebrews 10, particularly verse 34, I believe we're coming to the reason why the author wrote the whole epistle to begin with. This one verse is why he put pen to paper. That's what I...

Joy in the Journey (Philippians Sermon 1 of 24)

Sep 07, 2003
Andrew Davis | Sep 07, 2003 | Joy in Suffering, Internal Journey, External Journey, Contentment, Book Overviews

Philippians 1:1-4:23

We begin this morning a new study in the book of Philippians, and this is one of my favorite books in the scriptures. There are so many moments and passages in Philippians that have encouraged me in my faith and helped me, and I just desire to...

From Fear to Faith (Habakkuk Sermon 9 of 9)

Jun 23, 2002
Andrew Davis | Jun 23, 2002 | Joy in Suffering, Trials

Habakkuk 3:16-19

I. An Age of Fear We're looking this morning at Habakkuk 3:16-19 and with it we complete our study in the book of Habakkuk. It's an absolute delight to open this text to you today. This is one of the most incredible texts in the Scripture for...

Present Suffering, Future Glory (Romans Sermon 54 of 120)

Feb 03, 2002
Andrew Davis | Feb 03, 2002 | Joy in Suffering, God's Purpose for the World, Suffering, Glorification

Romans 8:18-25

Will You Die Well? Please take your Bibles and look with me at Romans 8. We're going to be looking at verses 18-25, and the issue of present suffering and future glory. Recently I've thought much about a particular question. I'm not meaning to...

Delivered from the Lion's Mouth (2 Timothy Sermon 9 of 9)

Dec 06, 1998
Andrew Davis | Dec 06, 1998 | Joy in Suffering, Boldness & Courage, Perseverance

2 Timothy 4:9-22

The Story of Boniface Like to ask that you take your Bibles and turn in them to 2 Timothy 4. I was going to say, for the last time, but I hope it isn't the last time, at least for you personally, but this is our last sermon in 2 Timothy chapter...

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