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Jesus Brings Many Sons to Glory (Hebrews Sermon 7 of 74)

Oct 17, 2010
Andrew Davis | Oct 17, 2010 | Salvation by Promise, Jesus Christ

Hebrews 2:10-13

I. The Center of our Salvation: Almighty God Some verses just unfold like a cave of treasure or like one of those little toys you get that has all these little secret hidden compartments and you keep learning. It's this cleverly made thing...

Miracles and Lessons Repeated (Matthew Sermon 73 of 151)

Apr 01, 2007
Andrew Davis | Apr 01, 2007 | Internal Journey, Jesus Christ

Matthew 15:29-39

Jesus, Paul & Peter all remind us of the importance or repeating & remembering Biblical truths for our Christian growth. In Jesus’ healing and feeding ministries on earth He foretells, by physical example, the spiritual healing and satisfaction...

The Astonishing Faith of a Gentile Woman (Matthew Sermon 72 of 151)

Mar 18, 2007
Andrew Davis | Mar 18, 2007 | Redemption, Walk by Faith, Jesus Christ

Matthew 15:21-28

The characteristics of faith are illustrated in the Canaanite woman’s interaction with Jesus.

The Compassion of Lord of the Harvest (Matthew Sermon 34 of 151)

Sep 15, 2002
Andrew Davis | Sep 15, 2002 | Evangelism, Missions, Jesus Christ

Matthew 9:35-38

Introduction  Turn in your Bibles  to Matthew Chapter 9. We're looking this morning at Verses 35 through 38, the compassion of the Lord of the harvest. I remember  I can still see in my mind's eye a harvest so plentiful that I...

The Supernatural Healing Ministry of Jesus (Matthew Sermon 25 of 151)

Jun 30, 2002
Andrew Davis | Jun 30, 2002 | Miracles, Jesus Christ

Matthew 8:1-17

Matthew's goal, in the first seven chapters of the book  is to portray Jesus Christ as the King of the kingdom of heaven. That's why he came and right from the very beginning, he gives us a genealogy, which establishes that Jesus Christ is...

John 13:18-38 Episode 28 - Predictions: Betrayal and Denial

Jun 03, 2020
Andrew Davis | Jun 03, 2020 | Jesus Christ

John 13:18-38

Jesus openly warned His disciples about two shattering events that were about to happen: Judas, one of the Twelve, was going to betray Jesus to His death; Peter, the leader of the Twelve, was going to deny three times that he even knew...

John 10:1-21 Episode 20 - The Good Shepherd

Apr 08, 2020
Andrew Davis | Apr 08, 2020 | Fullness in Christ, Jesus Christ

John 10:1-21

In this episode, Andy and Wes work through John 10:1-21. Jesus explained his commitment to His followers in the figure of speech of the Good Shepherd, teaching of His love for them, knowledge of them, and death for them; also of their loyalty to...

John 7:1-24 Episode 14 - Preaching at the Feast of Booths

Feb 26, 2020
Andrew Davis | Feb 26, 2020 | Jesus Christ

John 7:1-24

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