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The Parable of the Wedding Feast, Part 2 (Matthew Sermon 108 of 151)

Dec 06, 2009
Andrew Davis | Dec 06, 2009 | Wrath of God, Joy, Imputed Righteousness, Hell, God's Providence and Sovereignty

Matthew 22:1-14

Introduction Well, it's not every day that a story from current events just hands you a tailor-made sermon illustration. But that's what happened on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, November 24th, when a couple sought to crash a state party at the...

Confidence in Christ's Righteousness (Romans Sermon 72 of 120)

Jul 10, 2005
Andrew Davis | Jul 10, 2005 | Imputed Righteousness

Romans 9:30-33

Introduction: On What Are You Basing Your Confidence? It is wonderful to be back here with you, a delight to be able to share the Gospel with you again, and to talk about Romans. And I feel a special sense of freedom today, in that there are no...

Gift or Wages: A Matter of Life or Death (Romans Sermon 40 of 120)

Sep 09, 2001
Andrew Davis | Sep 09, 2001 | Imputed Righteousness, Death & Dying

Romans 6:23

I. The Mystery of Life Please if you would take your Bibles and look with me. This morning, we're going to consider just one verse. That's unusual. We usually go through more, but Romans 6:23 is such a remarkable verse. And typical of the...

Sin and Death Dethroned; Grace and Life Enthroned (Romans Sermon 33 of 120)

Jul 01, 2001
Andrew Davis | Jul 01, 2001 | Imputed Righteousness, Grace, Original Sin, Federal headship

Romans 5:18-21

I. The Terrible Tyrant Dethroned Please take your bibles and open to Romans Chapter 5. This morning, we're going to be finishi­ng our look at Romans 5:18-21. I think every Fourth of July is an opportunity for us as Americans to praise God...

Our Greatest Danger and Our Only Salvation: The Righteousness of God (Romans Sermon 5 of 120)

Feb 06, 2000
Andrew Davis | Feb 06, 2000 | Imputed Righteousness, Righteousness of God

Romans 1:16-17

 I. The Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation Good morning. Why don't you open your Bibles to Romans 1:16-17. Two weeks ago, we had a select group of people that, I think, walked here or came by dog sled and we looked at Romans 1:16...

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