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God's Glorious Invitation to a Holy Banquet (Isaiah Sermon 65 of 81)

Feb 22, 2015
Andrew Davis | Feb 22, 2015 | Calling, Evangelism

Isaiah 55:1-5

A Personal Invitation to Attend So in March of 2010, there was an auction for a hand-written invitation by Charles II, to a personal friend to attend his coronation as King of England. It was written in 1660, the coronation was to happen in...

Christ Listened to His Father to Save Those Who Listen to Him (Isaiah Sermon 58 of 81)

Dec 14, 2014
Andrew Davis | Dec 14, 2014 | Calling

Isaiah 50:1-11

The Marvel of God’s Creation The scripture says, "I will praise you, O Lord, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." And as I was thinking about Isaiah 50, I focused specifically on the capacity of hearing. The human ear is a...

Our Inviting King (Matthew Sermon 48 of 151)

Mar 02, 2003
Andrew Davis | Mar 02, 2003 | Calling, The Power of Sin

Matthew 11:28-30

 The Bondage of Sin  Turn in your Bibles to Matthew 11:28-30. I have an incredible sense of anticipation and delight in taking on these verses. I'm so excited to be able to proclaim to you the invitation that Jesus gave when he said...

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