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The Blessings and Limitations of Water Baptism (1 Corinthians Sermon 3)

Aug 12, 2018
Andrew Davis | Aug 12, 2018 | Baptism

1 Corinthians 1:14-17

How I Came to Credo Baptist Convictions Hi, I'm Andy Davis. I'm Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church. I was wondering, with a number of you, if I would remember how to preach, I hope so. Someone likened it to roller skating, which made me a...

What Is Christian Baptism? (Romans Sermon 35 of 120)

Jul 29, 2001
Andrew Davis | Jul 29, 2001 | Baptism

Romans 6:1-4

I. A Long Voyage in the Scriptures Take your Bibles if you would and open to Romans chapter six, we're going to be looking this morning at the topic of Christian baptism. We're going to be starting in Romans 6:1-4, but actually our journey is...

The Coronation and Testing of the King (Matthew Sermon 5 of 151)

Jan 17, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jan 17, 1999 | Baptism, Temptation

Matthew 3:13-4:11

  I. Introduction In December 2nd 1804, a short balding man from Corsica stood before Pope Pius VII in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte. That day was to be the day of his coronation as Emperor...

A Great Man Fearlessly Tells the Truth: John the Baptist (Matthew Sermon 4 of 151)

Jan 10, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jan 10, 1999 | Preaching, Baptism

Matthew 3:1-12

I. What makes a person great?
  We are going to be looking at verses one through twelve at one of my favorite people in all the scripture, John the Baptist. What a powerful man he was. What a great man. Speaking of great people, as I was...

Baptismal Regeneration and Child Baptism

Jun 17, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jun 17, 2009 | Baptism

Genesis 1:1-31

Differing Views of Baptism

Jun 10, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jun 10, 2009 | Baptism

What Is Baptism

Jun 03, 2009
Andrew Davis | Jun 03, 2009 | Baptism

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