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But God (Ephesians Sermon 9 of 54)

Aug 30, 2015
Andrew Davis | Aug 30, 2015 | Alive in Christ, Adoption, Grace

Ephesians 2:4-6

A Soul Hanging in the Balance Well, that was a very moving story from Walter and it's amazing how God works in grace, and I have my own story to tell, this morning, not exactly like his, but a year before I came to Christ, I almost drowned in...

Spiritually Dead Even While We Lived (Ephesians Sermon 8 of 54)

Aug 23, 2015
Andrew Davis | Aug 23, 2015 | Alive in Christ, Grace, Total Depravity

Ephesians 2:1-3

Soul-Winning Made Easy? In 1959, a pastor named C.S. Lovett wrote a book enabling people, helping people to evangelize. He used sales techniques that were common in the business world at that time to teach evangelistic techniques, and the name...

Crucified with Christ, Alive in Christ (Galatians Sermon 5 of 26)

Dec 01, 2013
Andrew Davis | Dec 01, 2013 | Alive in Christ, Salvation

Galatians 2:20

Amen. I just discovered that the battery is out in this pulpit clock, so you guys are at my mercy now. No, I've got the watch here, and we'll keep an eye on it. But I tell you, I could without any difficulty preach for hours on this one verse...

Dead to the Law, Fruitful for God, Part 2 (Romans Sermon 42 of 120)

Oct 07, 2001
Andrew Davis | Oct 07, 2001 | Alive in Christ, Life in the Spirit, Good Works

Romans 7:1-6

I. An Eternally Fruitful Marriage Please, if you would, take your Bibles and open to Romans 7. We continue to make our way through this incredibly deep scripture. And as we come to Romans 7, we come to a very difficult and challenging chapter...

Dead to the Law, Fruitful for God, Part 1 (Romans Sermon 41 of 120)

Sep 23, 2001
Andrew Davis | Sep 23, 2001 | Alive in Christ, Law, Purpose of the Law

Romans 7:1-4

I. Sinai’s Bondage, Calvary’s Freedom I would like to ask, if you would, that you take your Bibles and open to Romans chapter 7. You've already heard it read earlier, but now we have a chance to look at it a little more carefully. As...

Count Yourself Dead and Alive (Romans Sermon 36 of 120)

Aug 12, 2001
Andrew Davis | Aug 12, 2001 | Alive in Christ, Sanctification, Mortification

Romans 6:5-11

I. The Power of Positive Thinking? Please if you would, take your Bibles and turn to Romans chapter 6. We're continuing our look in Romans 6. This morning we'll be looking at a tremendous section of scripture, Romans 6:5-11. And as we come into...

Salt and Light: Christian Influence on Society (Matthew Sermon 10 of 151)

Mar 14, 1999
Andrew Davis | Mar 14, 1999 | Alive in Christ, Gospel and Ethics

Matthew 5:13-16

Take your Bibles, if you would, and turn in them to Matthew, chapter five. As we continue in our series in Matthew's Gospel and the Sermon on the Mount, we come to two great statements that Jesus makes about you. "You," [He said,] "are the salt...

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