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A Final Summary of the Book of Romans (Romans Sermon 120 of 120)

Nov 19, 2006
Andrew Davis | Nov 19, 2006 | Book Overviews, The Gospel as the Power of God for Salvation

Romans 1:1-16:27

Romans in Church History Some time ago, I received a tape, which I really enjoyed, from John MacArthur’s ministry called "Jet Tour Through the Book of Revelation." And he took the hearers through 22 chapters of Revelation in one hour...

Paul's Missionary Strategy and Ours (Romans Sermon 114 of 120)

Sep 10, 2006
Andrew Davis | Sep 10, 2006 | Missions

Romans 15:14-22

I. Introduction: Is There a Safe Refuge? It was five years ago this week that I preached a sermon from Psalm 46, which says, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth...

Paul's Passionate Focus and Ours (Romans Sermon 113 of 120)

Sep 03, 2006
Andrew Davis | Sep 03, 2006 | Missions

Romans 15:14-22

Introduction: Why Do You Do What You Do? I want to begin this morning by asking a searching question. Why do you do what you do? Why do you do everything that you do? Do you know why you do what you do? The story is told in the days after the...

Competent to Counsel (Romans Sermon 112 of 120)

Aug 27, 2006
Andrew Davis | Aug 27, 2006 | Sufficiency of Scripture

Romans 15:14

Introduction: Analyzing Psychoanalysis I'm essentially preaching a whole sermon on one verse today, so that must be a good verse, and it is. It's a verse, that's the foundation I think of a movement called Biblical Counseling that is growing in...

From Church Relations through Missions to Eternal Worship (Romans Sermon 111 of 120)

Aug 20, 2006
Andrew Davis | Aug 20, 2006 | Equality in Christ, Missions, Worship

Romans 15:7-13

Introduction: Missions Exists For Worship Up in the heavenly realms, according to Revelation Chapter 4, there is a throne with someone sitting on it. And the 24 elders and the four living creatures and 100 million angels at least encircle that...

Jew-Gentile Unity: Eternal Glory for God (Romans Sermon 110 of 120)

Aug 13, 2006
Andrew Davis | Aug 13, 2006 | Racism, Glory of God, The Covenants Between God and Man

Romans 15:7-13

I. The Seemingly Insurmountable Problem: Genuine Unity Turn in your Bibles to Romans chapter 15. We're looking, for two weeks at verses 7-13. And as we do, we come in a very timely fashion to a text of scripture that addresses an issue that has...

Living Beyond Selfish Pleasures: Pleasing God by Pleasing Others (Romans Sermon 108 of 120)

Jul 16, 2006
Andrew Davis | Jul 16, 2006 | Brotherly Love

Romans 15:1-3

Introduction: The Weak and the Strong This morning we're looking at Romans 15:1-3, and we're looking here at the issue of how the strong should minister to the weak. Two of the greatest ideological enemies, of Christianity in the 20th century...

The Gospel of God's Glory and of Our Glorification (Romans Sermon 1 of 120)

Jan 02, 2000
Andrew Davis | Jan 02, 2000 | The Gospel, Church History, Book Overviews

Romans 1:1-16:27

Why don't you take your Bibles and open to the Book of Romans. We're beginning a new series of sermons in Romans today. Some of the things I've enjoyed as we reach the end of the millennium, the end of the century and started moving on, are the...

Paul's Six-Fold Missionary Strategy

Dec 14, 2018
Andrew Davis | Dec 14, 2018 | Missions

Romans 15:14-22

This content is taken from the sermon titled Paul's Missionary Strategy and Ours (Romans Sermon 114 of 120), preached on September 10, 2006 at the First Baptist Church of Durham.  The full sermon can be found here.  I want to...

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