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Christ, the Christian, and the Old Testament (Matthew Sermon 11 of 151)

Mar 21, 1999
Andrew Davis | Mar 21, 1999 | Purpose of the Law

Matthew 5:17-20

Introduction I can begin with a story from my mission experience in Japan. We lived near a family of people who owned the largest pharmaceutical company in all of Japan, a multi-billion dollar corporation, the Otsuka family. We were teaching...

Salt and Light: Christian Influence on Society (Matthew Sermon 10 of 151)

Mar 14, 1999
Andrew Davis | Mar 14, 1999 | Alive in Christ, Gospel and Ethics

Matthew 5:13-16

Take your Bibles, if you would, and turn in them to Matthew, chapter five. As we continue in our series in Matthew's Gospel and the Sermon on the Mount, we come to two great statements that Jesus makes about you. "You," [He said,] "are the salt...

Character that Advances the Kingdom: The Beatitudes, Part 3 (Matthew Sermon 9 of 151)

Feb 28, 1999
Andrew Davis | Feb 28, 1999 | Persecution, Peace

Matthew 5:9-12

Take your Bibles and turn in them to Matthew chapter 5. And while you do that, I would like to tell you that of all the ages of human history to be alive, this one is the greatest. I would not choose any other, because God is doing more to...

The Heart of a True Christian: The Beatitudes, Part 1 (Matthew Sermon 7 of 151)

Feb 07, 1999
Andrew Davis | Feb 07, 1999 | Joy, Mortification, Repentance, Pride, Humility

Matthew 5:1-4

I. Introduction We can't live up to this. And then in chapter 6 it talks about our relationship with God and how we live that out in our religion. It talks about our heart righteousness, as you remember. The whole thing concludes in chapter 7...

An Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Sermon 6 of 151)

Jan 31, 1999
Andrew Davis | Jan 31, 1999 | Preaching, Godliness

Matthew 5:1-7:29

Surveying the Terrain Please turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 5. We're going to be continuing our series this morning in Matthew's gospel, and we reach the Sermon on the Mount. We are not going to exhaust all the truth that there is in the...

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