Sermon Library - Two Journeys seeks to make pastor Davis’ sermons available for any type of user, whether listening to a sermon in the gym or on a commute, or using his sermon notes and transcripts to prepare to teach a bible study, all sermon resources are free for the universal church.  

Bible Study Books - Throughout the years of his pastoral ministry, Andy has lead inductive bible studies through many books of the bible. Two Journeys has compiled these to publish the series Bible Study Questions. It is our prayer that many will use these bible study questions to lead group bible studies, lead one-on-one bible studies, and enrich their personal bible study time. PDF versions are free in the resources section of the website, and printed copies will be available for purchase in the near future.

Podcasts  - Two Journeys produces a podcast with Andy offering commentary and answering questions verse by verse through books of the bible. The book of Philippians was completed and he is now working on the book of Hebrews. 

Teaching Archive - Throughout the years at First Baptist Church, Andy has delivered many non-sermon lectures and classes on subjects such as Systematic Theology, Church History, Contentment, Discipleship and more. Two Journeys makes these teachings and notes available for all.

Videos & Articles - Two Journeys will be regularly producing new videos and articles as a helpful medium for sharing biblical content and teaching theology.